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VN1 Complete Plant Parasitic Nematode Diagnostic (soil)

VN1 Complete Plant Parasitic Nematode Diagnostic (soil)

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Plant Parasitic Nematode identification & quantification to the genus level. Extracted from soil. Need at least 200cc of soil (about 2 Cups) per sample.

Includes: Burrowing, Citrus, Cyst(HeteroderaGlobodera), Dagger(Xiphinema), Foliar, Lance(Hoplolaimus), Lesion(Pratylenchus), Needle(Longidorus), Peltamigratus, Pin(Paratylenchus), Pine Wilt, False Root-Knot, Reniform(Rotylenchulus), Ring(Criconemella), Root Knot(Meloidogyne), Scutellonema, Seed-Gall, Sheath(Hemicycliophora), Spiral(Helicotylenchus), Stem and Bulb, Sting(Belonolaimus), Stubby Root(Trichodorus), Stunt(Tylenchorhynchus), Tylenchus.

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